Why should I choose REALTYFLOW®?

The advent of the Internet has revolutionized the way people search for homes. Today, over half of all homebuyers rely heavily on the Internet as part of their home search process. As a result, real estate agents are expected to provide more information, delivered in a more efficient and personalized manner, through an easy-to-use platform. In fact, 80% of agents report that searchable listings on a real estate website have changed the way they conduct business.

Your REALTYFLOW® website plays a crucial role in attracting and showcasing listings. Top producing agents typically have the largest inventory of listings, and sellers tend to choose agents who are perceived as capable of selling their home at the highest price and in the shortest amount of time. Factors such as reputation, competitive advantage, advertising, personality, and sales history all contribute to this perception. A REALTYFLOW website addresses these factors and can be a key factor in attracting potential clients.

By branding yourself through your real estate website, you can stay top-of-mind for prospective clients. Your site can be used for searching listings, learning about your qualifications, exploring special offers, and more. When it comes time for a client to buy or sell a home, you will be in a prime position to offer your services because they have a good understanding of what you bring to the table as their agent, having used your website to search for listings.

Maximize your lead generation potential by combining your branded REALTYFLOW® real estate website with a successful search engine marketing campaign. This is the recipe for attracting new clients consistently.